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Self Portrait by Night-oF-ReCkonIng Self Portrait :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 2 0 Abstraaaaaaact by Night-oF-ReCkonIng Abstraaaaaaact :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 2 5 Your friend the Gnome by Night-oF-ReCkonIng Your friend the Gnome :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 0 0 Gods gift to us by Night-oF-ReCkonIng Gods gift to us :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 2 12 Garth by Night-oF-ReCkonIng Garth :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 1 10 Garth parts list by Night-oF-ReCkonIng Garth parts list :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 0 0 Steve by Night-oF-ReCkonIng Steve :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 1 12 Steve Parts list by Night-oF-ReCkonIng Steve Parts list :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 0 0
Heroes 28
The next day…
Night: Zzzz…NO THE CLOWNS GONNA RAPE ME MOM!!!.…oh it was just a dream-wait…where is everyone? *goes outside* Guys?
Night: Maybe I slept later than I thought. *looks out the window and still sees tha moon and stars* I guess not. VL? Ash? Spike? Squirth? … Damn it! They ditched me!! *sees a note on the table* What the?
Note: If you want to see your friends again, come to the castle.
Night: Wow…now that’s cliché. Anyway I should probably go to that castle then.
*At the castle*
Night: You know what’s weird about this town? It seems like I’m the only one in it….naw, I’m probably just paranoid. *opens the door* Hello…? I was told to come here for my friends…. hello?
*Crash from downstairs*
Night: Hello?
Night: VL? Why are you talking so weird?
Night: Umm yeah. So anyway what’s been going on? What are you doing here?
:iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 1 14
My new DexTop by Night-oF-ReCkonIng My new DexTop :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 0 13 My new desktop by Night-oF-ReCkonIng My new desktop :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 1 6 ReyRey the Chipmunk Punk by Night-oF-ReCkonIng ReyRey the Chipmunk Punk :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 2 13 Night the Wolverine by Night-oF-ReCkonIng Night the Wolverine :iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 3 13
Heroes: New Year Special
Me: As the new year has come, we look at some of our fondest memories of the last…
Night: Right! Last year sucked ass! Let’s see there were millions of people losing their jobs, the world economy was in a rut, there were protests against Wal-Mart…
Me: I said the good things!!
Night: Oh, right.
Me: Anyway, here we have the story of last nights New Year’s Eve Party.
The “Heroes” New Year Special
Radio: Just 2 more hours until the new year everybody, and boy what a crowd we have down here tonight, lemme tell ya’…
Warren & Kane: CHUG!! CHUG!! CHUG!! CHUG!! CHUG!! CHUG!! CHUG!! YEAAAAH!!!
Meanwhile out on the front porch…
Night: God I hate these New Year parties. They suck! Nobody even really gives a shit what it’s about! They just need an excuse to get drunk! sigh.
Sumner: Come on Night! Join the party!!
Night: Naw, I’m fine sis.
Sumner: Come on really!!!
Night: NO!!!
:iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 2 34
Heroes 27
Meanwhile, Night and the others are oblivious that if they don’t go rescue ReyRey and Warren right now, they will probably die…
Squirth: Hey, let’s all go get some ice cream!
Night: Dude! We have a mission!
Squirth: Oh sweet! Can I come!
Night & VL: NO!
Ash: Aww, come on let’s take the cute little Squirthle!
Squirth: Um, turtle.
Ash: Whatever.
Spike: Oh great, Ash and Squirth are like Harry and Lloyd.
Night: I get it! Dumb and Dumber®!
Ash: *slap Night*
Night: OW! Spike told the joke!!
Ash: *slap VL*
VL: What the hell! Spike said it!
Ash: *slap Squirth*
Squirth: Hey Spike’s the one who said it!
Ash: *slap Ash*
Squirth: Forget it.
Night: Yeah, well we have a lot to do tomorrow, so we need to find a place to crash.
Squirth: Right, I know just where.
Spike: yeah where?
Squirth: My house, duh!
Spike: ( shuddup you goddammed turtle. )
:iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 2 26
Heroes 26
Night: You don’t suppose something happened to them, do you? Do you think Vell killed them in his rage?
VL: Nah, those two are too smart to let something like that happened.
Night: ( I wouldn’t be so sure about that. ) Okay fine, but whatever did happen we need to find them, or what’s left.
Spike: Okay. But how do you think we’ll be able to do that?
Night: Simple! We’ll just have to…. uh….. Err… well.. Hold a funeral?
Ash VL & Spike: *fall*
VL: Seriously dude! We’ll just have to assume the best.
Night: What’s that?
VL: That everything is fine with them, and if we ever meet up again, they will find us.
Night: Okay.
Somewhere Else…
Warren: *running too* We’ll just have to assume the best!!
ReyRey: WHAT’S THAT??!?!
Warren: That they’re worried sick about us and are coming to rescue us right now!!!
:iconnight-of-reckoning:Night-oF-ReCkonIng 1 19

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I'm not actually going to TRY to do anything, if I make a new drawing, I'll upload it, If I come up with a new character design, I'll upload it, and if i make another heroes chapter I will upload it, but with school starting again today i dont think I'll have enough time to make a webcomic so that idea is shot D8

The first day of School was pretty chill, saw a lot of old friends and hung out.
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